The Run with Freedom Programme

Been running for a while but struggling to go faster or further?

  •  Plagued by injuries?

  • Don't know how to train effectively?

  • Carrying too much body fat?

  • Stiff and immobile?

  • Don't know the best way to fuel the running body?

  • Are you under-performing because of poor gait and biomechanics?



The Run with Freedom method enables you to run faster or further with less effort because you quickly become much more efficient. 

  • Injury risk is minimised by strengthening, mobilising and aligning properly.

  • You are shown how to manage your running schedule at just the right level for you to improve without overtraining.

  • I show you how to burn body fat for fuel.

  • Little tweaks to running gait, cadence and the like that make a massive difference.


A structured progressive programme that guarantees success, as our results prove.

Contact David at Roads to Freedom (07504439555 or to arrange an initial assessment, including treadmill running video analysis and feedback.