"I need a personal trainer because I would never get to the gym otherwise. David is fantastic. He gives a very thorough assessment (free) at the beginning and really knows what he is talking about. He understands that we all have to find our own pace and yet he manages to push me almost without my realising it. There is no judgement from David just lots of encouragement. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer."


"I think it’s fantastic to have these opportunities and they have certainly prompted me into getting fitter… The sessions I’ve had so far have been nothing but supportive and inspiring to just DO IT!"

"David makes it fun while encouraging you to push yourself – brilliant."

"I would just like to say that I have David as my personal trainer. He is excellent. Since July last year, I have been working with him on a variety of exercises alongside a dietary programme, and have not only lost 21 lbs and dropped 3 dress sizes, but I have also become so much fitter. I call him my “Wednesday Bully”, but in truth he is not! Anyone who is scared of exercise or who is embarrassed by their fitness or size need not be worried – he knows how hard to push and is actually kind and nice! There, I’ve said it! If one person signs up and gets fitter because of this post then I will be pleased! Just go for it! "


"With a history of back surgery and no progress at the gym, I started working with David. Within 6 weeks I felt so much healthier. I was progressing towards my goals (finally) and seeing noticeable changes. David made exercising much more interesting with a variety of workout options. David worked within my limitations related to my surgery and increased my confidence in my ability to do a range of exercise. I would definitely recommend him as a personal trainer."


"I can definitely recommend Dave’s expertise. Whatever your personal target; to improve fitness, lose a bit of weight or target a recurring injury, Dave will put together a programme that is bespoke to you and your objective and he’ll help you to complete the programme and reach your goal."


Working with David has enabled me to reach a new level of fitness, and his nutritional advice has been nothing short of a revelation, allowing me to lose a stone easily in 3 months after years of feeling overweight and unable to shift it. He has encouraged me to challenge my perception of my limits and I feel energised and inspired to continue - thanks David.


2 inches off the waistline and chest.....3 off the thighs, 1 off the calves and neck. 1stone 10lbs off in 7 weeks. 2 stone lighter since this time last year.....the lightest I've been in 10 years and 1 stone 4lbs away from a goal I set myself before I became 50 so I've got almost 2 years to achieve it....may have to set a new goal.


I had decided to do personal training with the aim of improving my fitness for sport and generally improving my health which had not been maintained over the years. David started from the ground up: assessment of where I was physically and a keen ear for what I wanted to achieve. David took a holistic approach: not only did he set realistic challenges in our sessions but he also took the time to review and advise on diet, the day to day stresses of life and, occasionally, address my personal emotional or physical challenges. David would match my dedication and honest conversion with his experiences and encourage me to be the best version of myself while acknowledging that what we were trying to achieve was an on-going process. He would listen and adapt my personal goals as required so that there was never a dull moment! David is a dedicated personal trainer who will listen, encourage, share knowledge and challenge as required. Highly recommended!