A holistic approach based on realistic, sustainable, achievable goals

Run with Freedom!


We are ALL natural born runners, otherwise we would not be here!

Watch a child run. They run freely and easily with a sense of joy.

You can do the same!

Have you been brought up to believe that running is hard and horrible and painful? 

No pain no gain, go hard or go home - these are some of the popular myths.

But champion runners don't train like this - most elite distance runners do most of their training at low intensity, focusing on efficiency and form, not destroying their bodies.

At Roads to Freedom, we believe that running, indeed all movement, is designed to be pleasurable, not painful.

More miles or harder miles will not necessarily make you a better runner. Paying attention to all aspects of movement, running and lifestyle will not only make you a better runner, but also a happier and healthier person.

Contact David now and start enjoying running and life again by taking the Road to Freedom.


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