Group Training


In addition to individual coaching, I offer a range of group training services to suit all needs and budgets:


An informal Abingdon Park Run group - free.

We meet at 8.30am every Saturday morning before the 5k park run. I lead a thorough run specific warm up which includes  progressive cardio and dynamic stretching. People tell me that this massively improves their readiness to run and their times. Participants either run individually or with company of a similar level. The ethos of the group is to encourage all members and I will usually go back and help the less experienced runners home. A short cool down with mobility work aids recovery, then we retire to the local Costa for debriefing and social chit chat.   

More 5k speed weekly outdoor sessions - same venue as Abingdon Park Run, every Wednesday evening in Summer from 6.30pm. - £5 per session.

A whole host of ways to improve your 5k times, besides speed work. Efficiency of movement, mind games, running form, injury prevention and so on - every session is different and individual needs catered for as numbers permit. A mixture of theory and practice, with drills and exercises, always integrated into your running.

Small group run specific indoor gym sessions, maximum 4 people - £15 per hourly session - daytimes.

These sessions are all about moving better to run better. Feet, fascia, mobility, gait, cadence, balance, strength and conditioning related to the needs of the small group. All integrated into your running using treadmills as appropriate.

Workshops, training sessions for clubs and businesses, public speaking, education for runners, coaches and other health and fitness professionals working with the running community - let me know what you're looking for and I'll see how I can help.

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