1:1 Coaching Programme Details

 Suitable for all levels, including non-runners, to promote faster, more fluid and injury free running. Run with freedom!



  1. Running assessment on treadmill with video footage from all angles to keep.

    Verbal and written feedback on improving individual running form, cadence and gait.

  2. Running specific functional movement assessment identifying areas to mobilise or strengthen for better performance and reduced injury risk.

  3. Demonstration of exercises and drills to address all of the above.

  4. Body Composition analysis with feedback and nutritional recommendations.

  5. Injuries past and present - redressing the balance.

  6. How to integrate this into your running goals and training.


One size fits all training programmes are wrong for everybody except the person who designed them.


You need individualised programming that suits your goals, your body and your lifestyle.


The starting point is always YOU not the programme!


Price £95

Plus monthly review and ongoing coaching (if required) £50 monthly.


Call David on 07504439555 or email: info@roadstofreedom.net to purchase this package or for further information.