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Roads to Freedom

Smarter Running with the Run with Freedom Programme.

  • Sick of all the niggles and injuries?

  • Always catching colds?

  • Like to go faster or further but don't know how?

  • Blindly following somebody else’s one size fits all training schedule?

  • Don’t know which shoes to wear?

  • Not getting lean despite all that running? Stiff all over?

  • Has running become a painful chore?

It really doesn't have to be like that! Most older runners began because it made them feel better - a great stress reliever. But pleasure all too often turns to pain.

The Run with Freedom method is based on the "8 keys to fast, efficient, effortless distance running


Going slower to go faster


Moving with awareness.





waist (1).png

Using the whole body

running (1).png

Feet, fascia, cadence and free energy


Mindset and visualisation.



It is by necessity holistic. Everything depends on and affects everything else. This is a method that works because it strips everything back to basics and rebuilds all the foundations before taking you forward to a much higher level than before.

Faster, more efficient, less effortful running - the way we are designed to move.

Better performance plus less injury risk.

IMG_0142 copy.jpeg

This programme works for runners of all standards, but was specifically designed to meet the needs of the mature recreational runner and those who work with them as trainers or therapists. Here is what others have said about the programme: I was struggling with my running, so much that i questioned if i was enjoying it enough to carry on. Fortunately I found David and his Run with Freedom "8 Keys to Fast, Efficient, Effortless Distance Running Programme".

David's enthusiasm is infectious, his expertise is obvious. I started seeing improvements instantly, and recent results include breaking a 15 month PB! More importantly I am enjoying my running more than ever. Thank you David. (Trev). ‘I’ve learnt so much at David’s Speed sessions this year. The group was friendly and supportive and I didn’t have to worry about being left behind! The sessions have really transformed and improved my running style’ best wishes Marita.


To discover more about the 8 keys, why not download my free 20 page ebook here:

https://roads-to-freedom.teachable.com/p/my-8-keys-to-fast-efficient-effortless-running The programme is currently being delivered in 1:1, small group and large group format in Oxfordshire, UK. An online version of the programme is also currently being developed. If you would like to be kept abreast of developments.

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